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Post 28/07/2014

Virtual Studio

Perfect communication products with technological breakthrough base on the combination of professional 3D software and commonly used communication devices, provide all-sided solutions , easily use for the environment of 3D real-time virtual studio and give users a product with outstanding features.

    Ease to use : VRcast system gives absolute freedom to operator . Using easily with simply operations on same control screen.   

    Powerful: Support up to 10 input channels. Hỗ trợ tới 10 kênh dữ liệu đầu vào. Alow to creat up to 12 virtual cameras at different rotation angles to use. Cho phép tạo tới 12 camera ảo ở các góc quay khác nhau để sử dụng.  Background motion effect of frame is powerful. Genuine light handle software for entire independent array on the frame.

   Friendly : All objects on the frame are able to tweak in real time as location, rate, rotation angles.Compatible with HD/SD signal in every  definition . Graphics support at every transition area but remain main format.

   With reasonable cost , VR cast help customers reduce cost as well as program production time through reducing labor and infrastructure investments as well as cost and maintenance of real studio.

    Currently , VR cast products are widely used in news and weather bulletins, cultural sports programs as well as forums, online exchange.In addition, it is applied widely for remote training as well as online workshop. VRcast is appreciated that product is high quality.
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