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Post 29/07/2014

OTT services

What is Over-The-Top service ? what difference are between OTT communication or service/ multimedia application OTT and a popular application ?
For regular internet users, a application or OTT service is a thing same as:
  - YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix or Apple TV cho streaming video
  - Skype hay FaceTime for voice calls/video
  - WhatsApp or  iMessage for texting on mobile devices
   - Xbox 360 or World of Warcraft for game
   - What is application or OTT service ?
    Bassically, OTT services or applications  are services on internet but not given directly by Internet service providers (ISP). However, According to telecom service providers (TSP), the most notable point of OTT services or applications is that users will not pay for them.
       Betweet 2008 and 2009, " OTT application/ service "term  was applied primarily for video services such as Netflix or Hulu. At that time, the number of large service American producers such as Comcast and AT & T had launched video on demand  service and faced challenges from Netflix and  Hulu. These companies had brought OTT services with Internet connection without any interaction with internet service providers (as well as not created any costs for users).

      Then , OTT was applied for a variety of messaging applications  , replaced for traditional SMS service cost which was provided by telecommunication company. WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), TU Me ... and hunders of other applications  appeared. Some people even put Twitter and Facebook on this application form.
Recently, the meaning of OTT term has broadened, applied for any content providers . The key feature of all is that OTT applications and services do not come from traditional communication companies or Internet service providers. Communication companies and ISP simply provide  IP connection which OTT applications operated on. 

·   Digital TV systems devices:
- IP digital TV center Equipment
- Video conference
   Enlarge liability, high quality for conference between market and large business customers
-  Web conference
   Demand on website in real time, anywhere, any when, any devices
- Conference management
 Improving effective operation and reducing downtime , using products and management solutions and top plan 
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