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Post 29/07/2014

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC)

     Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) is a term of telecommunication industry for broadband network  which combines between fiber-optic and coaxial cable .It has been widely used in the global by cable television operators from the early 1990s to the present.
    Televison Signals , Internet, mobile…  from main center (Master Headend) are  transmitted in optical fiber networks to directly optical Node or through the Distribution Hub, then transmit to the optical node . Optical Node converts electrical signals and transmits to coaxial cable network ( including coaxial cable and coaxial amplifier ) to subscriber’s devices , an optical Node often provides for about 500 to 2000 TV cable subscribers.
   A two-way HFC network uses two-way optical Node and Amplifier which is used PAL B/G; DVB-C; DVB-C2 European TV standard in Vietnam , Internet uses Euro Docsis standard with bandwidth (Return Path) 5Mhz-65Mhz, (Forwad Path) 87Mhz.
     HFC Technology is used in television cable network which is considered the most effective in the last period because it has been utilized the most reasonable way of the advantage of both optical and coaxial cable types as :the price of fiber optic cable is cheap but its transmission is very far ( about 500m  ) without power supply; coaxial cable is easy to use, can be divided and transmitted directly to  cheap Terminal .
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