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    Center specializes in installation , repairs and maintainance of devices and HFC , FTTH cable TV networks for Pay TV system business and operation units nationwide.Specialize in installation , repairs cable tv networks and devices, indoor internal satellite, apartments, hotels, motels…..in Ha Noi.
     Hybrid Fiber Coaxial ( HFC ) is a term of telecommunication industry  industry for broadband network  which combines between fiber-optic and coaxial cable .It has been widely used in the global by cable television operators from the early 1990s to the present. 
    FTTH (Fiber To The Home ) is a broadband telecommunications networks with fiber optic cable connected to home to provide high-speed services ( such as television, high speed internet  and phone) which is developing rather strong in the world .
    Perfect communication products with technological breakthrough base on the combination of professional 3D software and commonly used communication devices, provide all-sided solutions , easily use for the environment of 3D real-time virtual studio and give users a product with outstanding features.

11-2013 : Mediasys moves to new headquater
11-2013 :  In order to demand on expanding activity, serving the field of  new business . Mediasys moved to new...
9-2009 : The technology workshop with Cisco Systems
     9-2009: Mediasys got  positive support  from many large technology agencies in the world . On September...
10 - 2009: Mediasys gets gold cup at Techmart ASEAN +3 exhibition
Hà Nội, 10-2009: Mediasys  attended Techmart ASEAN+3 exhibition in Ha Noi . At the exhibition. Mediasys...
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