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Post 29/07/2014

Contextually Advertising

      Contextual Advertising – the generation of intelligent advertising.
      Preceding the demand of advertising market which requires new services ,variety, quality assurance and high efficiency of communication, contextual advertising was born.
Traditional advertising or online advertising form ( such as TVC on TV, logo, banner or pop-ups on Website) helps businesses give their products, services to reach their objective customers but still exists some limitations.
   Intelligent advertising generation aims satisfaction at customers with best characteristics which helps businesses advertising costs for optimization while still ensuring effective communication.

What is contextual advertising ?
     Contextual advertising is a  advertising form , displays ads on the interactive television program , website  or other media (mobile) as context . This is a system that considered as the most intelligent advertising today.
    Contextual advertising system scans the content of television programs, website, identifies and filters out images, contextual reflect keywords which the content of program deals with and advertising messages which are the most relevant to the content of program, will be selected to display.

The efficiency of contextual advertising ?
     Contextual advertising only displays ads with messages which related to the content of program , users is interested. Therefore user can accept advertising higher , the rate of view or click advertising is higher than TVC advertising form, common banner , at the same time, does not make discomfortable feeling to clients.
     Contextual advertising helps businesses advertising cost for optimization, suits for all size of businesses with the systems of advertising cost depends on the efficiency of advertising.
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